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Bergen International Festival Identity

by Anti
Best of Show

Redesigning a festival brand—whose program ranges from the classical to the Avant Garde—it was important to create a playful, versatile platform, that spoke to different audiences in a unified voice, yet allowed for individuality in content and appearance. Looking to bridge musical and visual language, we started with what they both had in common: being constructed from a single fundamental element—a note and a pixel. Using this singular element to build the iconic ”F” logo, like a chord constructed of various notes, we were able to establish a mathematical system—a system that allows the logo to grow, subdivide and rhythmically repeat like musical units creating a beat or tempo. By visualising music through these modular systems, we were able to create an identity that is strong and flexible with endless possibilities, yet never looses brand recognition. A logo that is both a traditional logo, and a living identity. In addition to the more traditional festival materials, we looked at new ways of creating brand awareness through non-traditional channels. This allowed the city to become a surface for the identity to live and interact with. With the festival being based in Bergen, the rainiest city in Europe, we were inspired to design a new rain poncho, ornamented with the iconic brand patterns. Additionally, we created a traditional Norwegian sweater, that has long symbolised the Norwegian identity, which allowed for a strong connection between the brand pattern and the sweaters traditional knitting patterns. These ideas spoke to the identity of the festival, it’s culture, geography, and heritage. During the opening performances, we had a series of drone helicopters create the “F” logo in the sky above the stage. The city hall used it’s gridded windows to light up the “F” logo after working hours. Additionally, we created a digital campaign called ”Sound Smith” in which online audiences were invited to create, play and compose with our music sequencer, based on the patterns and grid of the brand. Composers could choose an instrument, then compose and share their compositions for a chance to win festival prizes. Without knowing it, the audience began to play with the logo and spread the brand. This proved to be a new channel for spreading the Festival’s brand awareness as compositions went viral on Facebook. Events at various venues during the festival allowed the audience to play and compose before and after performances. www.fib.no/sequencer

  • Creative Directors Endre Berentzen
  • Art Directors Eric Amaral Rohter, Robert Dalen
  • Designers Endre Berentzen, Robert Dalen, Eric Amaral Rohter, Sindre Holm
  • Illustrators Elijah A. Chote
  • Photographers Fred Jonny
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Fashion Designer T Michael
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