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As an iconic city and region, Bergen naturally comes with an inheritance of many clichés and tired
The new profile challenges the well known with the surprisingly unfamiliar, giving Bergen a whole new energy,
lifting and celebrating the breadth of experiences the region has to offer.
Rebranding the Bergen region required not a logo in the traditional sense, but rather an open platform for
branding the city, as well as it’s communication and activities. The bespoke brand typeface ‘Bergen House’ was
developed in-house, inspired by the shape of quintessential architecture found in the city and region. With a
vintage industrial-undertone, the typeface is equally modern yet historic, bringing to life the essence of what living
or visiting Bergen is about — Contrasts.
With the distinct brand typeface, typography becomes the workhorse for the brands expressions making any copy set in ‘Bergen House’ instantly feel like the city/region. Tone of voice is a critical component of the brand. The use of copywriting with imagery and film is the simple yet
impactful treatment in which the brand grabs attention and carries its story.

  • Creative Directors Endre Berentzen
  • Art Directors Christian Bergheim
  • Designers Veronika Artiuschenko, Vera Gomes, Mark Trzopek, Sindre Holm, Jana Papiernikova
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Mark Trzopek, Espen Horne, Endre Berentzen, Tom Morgan,
  • Account Director Meghan Beaton
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