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by Type Design and Typography, UMPRUM

Could be a typeface designed as a bestseller on a purpose? The Bestsellers project presents a serious experiment realised as a semester assignment. According to an annual reviews of the biggest font distributors, analytical research and various questionnaires, students have selected four top trending „best-selling“ fonts and designed their fonts based on result of the research. The final product is a 12 typefaces made by 12 students. An integral part of this task was a cooperation with MyFonts, where all fonts are available for sale. The printed book summaries the whole project and presents results of research, interviews and more relating of the topic.
The project has been realized as the product of a semester-long assignment under the educational guidance of Tomáš Brousil, Karel Haloun and Radek Sidun at the Studio of Type Design and Typography at the Academy of Art, Architecture and Design in Prague during the summer 2013/2014 semester.

  • Creative Directors Richard Jaroš
  • Art Directors Tomáš Brousil, Karel Haloun, Radek Sidun
  • Designers Richard Jaroš
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Petra Dočekalová
  • Copywriters
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