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Biennale Bamberg 2010


Biennale Bamberg 2010 / Programme magazine

The Biennale Bamberg is a new festival by the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra ? Bavarian State Philharmonic that, every two years, makes one composer or a specific work its focal point. The Biennale Bamberg 2010 was themed ?The late Mahler?.

The programme magazine places Gustav Mahler?s music into a historical context. It aims to familiarize music lovers and other interested parties with the period during which Mahler lived and worked in an entertaining, not educational fashion.

  • Creative Directors Bernd Vollmöller
  • Art Directors Bernd Vollmöller
  • Designers Bernd Vollmöller
  • Illustrators ­
  • Photographers ­
  • Editors ­
  • Copywriters ­
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