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Bij de neus genomen

by Loes Riphagen


Loes Riphagen has captured Rudyard Kipling’s The Elephant’s Child in a highly original way. This project was completed thanks to the Dutch Foundation for Literature (Nederlands Letterenfonds). 

Curious Little Elephant asks the forest animals many questions. When he asks Crocodile a question, he gets bitten in the nose. All the forest animals gather to pull Little Elephant free but as a result his nose stretches out into a long trunk. Little Elephant is very sad, but then he discovers that having such a long trunk for a nose is not so bad after all. 

Loes Riphagen illustrates mainly by hand. For A Trunk for a Nose, Loes Riphagen tried a completely new method, in which collage and drawing techniques are combined.  
The cut-out illustrations were meticulously arranged and photographed – ensuring a 3D look – and have been digitally coloured in. The die-cuts throughout the first part of the book enhance the 3D feel, show you an ever changing forest tableau and make sure you get sneak peeks of what’s next. The front cover serves as a frame to this collaged story, for this is not just a book but a work of art. 


• ‘A picture book of magnificent design […], climaxing in a spectacular gate-fold. A Piece of art in which Loes Riphagen exceeded herself.’  – Dutch newspaper Trouw 
• ‘A Trunk for a Nose is art. The coulisse effect is magnificent; picture book jungles don’t get more accurate than this. No trouble or expense was spared and the result is impressive: this is a picturebook to marvel at. A Trunk for a Nose is an innovative and joyous picture book.’ – Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad 
• ‘With A Trunk for a Nose the popular illustrator Loes Riphagen created something deeply unique.’ – Dutch magazine Margriet

• ‘Surprising, refreshing and beautiful; a book so exceptional you can’t stop looking. In a black-gray-white landscape animals are frolicking about in beautiful, vivid colors. A real gem.’ – Boekenbijlage.nl (book reviews)
• ‘Not just a book, but a work of art . The unique design and clever illustrations turn it into a must have.’ – Kinderboekenpraatjes.nl (talking about kids’ books)
• ‘A story full of humor and with an abundance of visual stimuli in a luxurious edition that children will reach for over and over again.’ – Pluizuit.be (reviews of children’s books)


• ‘A great asset to the picture book repertoire’ Jury of the Golden Brush about Animals
Home Alone

• ‘Gorgeous’ Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad

• ‘Riphagen’s imagination is unequalled.’ Leestafel.info (‘reading table’ about books, writers, language)

• ‘One of the few truly notable Dutch illustrators at this moment. […] Anyone who has laughed uncontrollably while reading Superheroes will not be disappointed by Mini Witches.’ 5 stars, Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant

• ‘A joyful celebration to read and look at’ Dutch newspaper Trouw 


I am Loes Riphagen. And I like to tell stories. 
The ideas for my books always just POP up in my head. 
My latest book is called “A Trunk for a Nose”. 
I worked very hard to realize this. 
These are my first doodles for “A Trunk for a Nose”. 
And sketches of all the animals in the book. 
I sketch and draw as long as it takes me to get it absolutely perfect. 
This time around I tried something completely new. 
I first drew all the animals, plants and backgrounds on paper, then cut them out, and then I assembled them and composed them in the different spreads. 
Look at the ladybugs! 
The little heads, bodies, wings, mouths, and eyes.. 
This is how they turned out. 
When I finished all the illustrations, they were photographed and then I digitally coloured them. 
The final stage was putting the text in. 
And this is how it turned out! 
Cool huh?

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Loes Riphagen & Friso Blankevoort
  • Illustrators Loes Riphagen
  • Photographers Aad Hoogendoorn
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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