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Bikeway Belém / Cais do Sodré

by P 06 studio

Bikeway along the river Tagus in the center of Lisbon, with 7 362 meters, crossing different urban delicated spaces and situations, demanding different solutions in the overall project.

In the landscape and environmental design projects, beyond the purpose of the project demand, of definig a bikeway, we intended to redefine a new public space in the valorization of this riverside. 
The project consists in the selection of compatibale and existing materials in the pavements, and the elimination of inadequate materials, in order to make clear the interpretation of the new system.
In white paint, all the signs, simbols and words, establish boundaries, guidance and informations, in order to determine movement and relations with the urban context that it crosses.
Over estabilized pavements, graphic “incisions” were made, in order to preserve the existing surface, consisting of circles and polygons made of metal, filled with asphalt, making an everlasting system of signs.
The horizontal plan as a support of contents, signs and signage, tells us a story, take us, guide us, and seduce us, along this strecht.
Stopping and moving in this “installation” give form to the language/message of the total space, like in the pages of a book.
The graphic intervention exceeds the basic needs of comunication, defining tematic installations, like the poem of “Alberto Caeiro” ( a portuguese poet ), about the river Tagus, that ocupies a pier, in the direction of the water, or the onomatopeic intervention under the bridge, representing the sounds beneath her.

  • Creative Directors Nuno Gusmão, João Gomes da Silva
  • Art Directors Nuno Gusmão, Estela Pinto, Pedro Anjos
  • Designers Giuseppe Greco, Miguel Matos
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers João Silveira Ramos, Giuseppe Greco
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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