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Bilder im Kopf - Portrait einer Wahrnehmung

by dmy berlin gmbh&co kg

When I think of the week I suddenly see a circle before my inner eye. That circle is my spacialvisualization of the week. It’s there since always. It never changed and it will never change. Not only the week, but as well some other sequences have their spatial visualization. Some people perceive certain sequences like the year or the week as visual pattern before their inner eye by only thinking of it. It can be a circle, a timeline or an almost undefinable shape.They are familiar with their ‘pictures inside their head’ since their early childhood and take them for granted. People who don’t share that cognition can barely comprehend what is meant with those pictures.

To get more knowledge about that peculiar habit of mind, I read a lot scientific texts and combined the essential parts with my personal comments. On the other hand I interviewed several people to collect as well some personal views. I designed a book that deals with the so called topic ‘Sequence-Space-Synaesthesia’.

The book is divided in two big parts. The first part is a scientific part that explaines the phenomenonon a theoretical way. The second big part I show people experiencing theexplained phenomenon. They were drawing sketches and explain how they see their sequences in space.The directory shows a visualized sequence of the content, but at the same time the directory itself is a sketch of the book, if you look at it from the side. Each chapter has its own part inside the zig-zag line as it has its own part in the book.

  • Creative Directors Matthias Neumann
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Matthias Neumann
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Matthias Neumann
  • Editors Matthias Neumann
  • Copywriters Matthias Neumann
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