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Illustration > 15.1 Book & Editorial Illustration


by Stepanka Blahovcova

“Bitch” is a short story by Roald Dahl arranged as a whole book. As this story uses the motif of a pheromone scent, the book comes with the fragrance, offering a sample vial of this scent. This was not an idea of the producer, but the designer. For this purpose there is a slit in the book cut in the mass and a vial with the number of the scent (as mentioned in the story) is placed in it. The whole layout of the book is designed around the slit in the middle – the composition of the typefaces is set in two columns and the fragrance is built into the illustrations.
In the middle of the book there is a short fictional advertisement which celebrates the power of this new pheromone scent. The colours chosen – red and pink with creamy white underscore the erotic elements of this book with a hole.

  • Creative Directors Stepanka Blahovcova, Anna Citterbardova
  • Art Directors Stepanka Blahovcova, Anna Citterbardova
  • Designers Stepanka Blahovcova, Anna Citterbardova
  • Illustrators Stepanka Blahovcova
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Stepanka Blahovcova, Anna Citterbardova, Roald Dahl, Jaroslav Koran, Gallery Ltd.
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