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Bixa / Typewood

by Novo Typo

Typewood / Bixa 
The Declaration of Deconstructed Typography

In January 2015 Novo Typo started the Typewood project. Typewood is a research project about designing, deconstructing and transforming multi-colored digital typefaces into wooden type for letterpress. Typewood jumps from digital to analogue techniques, from cmyk to rgb colormodes, and from computerscreen to letterpress. Typewood will show the future of multi-colored typography by re-inventing and deconstructing history.
Multi-color is the new black and white.

The Typewood project is about transforming and translating digital fonts and typefaces into analog material. Recent developments in webbrowser techniques inspired us to do some research into multi-colored and multi-layered typography. To understand these new techniques it was necessary to research analog techniques.We designed and developed a typeface on the computer. In collaboration with a fablab we produced five complete sets of wooden multi-layered letters for letterpress. For this process we used a computer CNC router. With this, we printed a serie of multi-layered and multi-colored posters on an antique letterpress on colored paper. We re-invented the old letterpress technique using a hypermodern cnc router. The design goes from new to old and back again.

The final result is the Bixa typeface,  a set of wooden letters available for use at the Grafisch Werkcentrum Amsterdam – NL.  
Bixa is also available for purchase as a set of digital otf files and a set of chromatic woff files for web.

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