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by Tank Design AS

Bokhari is a Norwegian brand that produces premium, hand-crafted interior textiles and bags. They combine Scandinavian design values with eastern tradition and craftsmanship. As a social enterprise, Bokhari improves the lives of its employees, funds the education of their children – over 700 girls and boys, and supports the provision of clean water in Sultan Town, Pakistan.
Bokhari is a growing social entrepreneurship and it needed to be successfully positioned as such on the Scandinavian market. Their core values of sustainability, continuity and engagement are aimed towards both potential customers as well as their own employees. The company’s unique geographical imprint between Norway and Pakistan required a solution that reaches across aesthetic, linguistic and cultural borders. Our goal was to create a straightforward, yet flexible visual identity that captures the essence of the brand and provides the means necessary for Bokhari to successfully promote their business.
Sustainability, continuity and engagement are not only Bokhari’s core values, but also key notions that characterize the craft of textile production itself. By representing the initial letter b as a stylized weaving knot, we emphasize this connection in a memorable way. The initial motif serves as the basis of a distinctive logotype, icons which communicate the brand’s social commitment, as well as a set of elaborate weaving patterns to complement the expression. The graphic elements revolve around a coherent grid of typographic proportions and employ the principles of modularity and repetition typical for textile production. Applied in multiple contexts, the identity becomes an effective communication tool which serves as a vehicle for the Bokhari brand, both rational and expressive in equal measure. Additionally, we created a set of Bokhari wooden stamps as a gift to the LAMS school on the behalf of the company, thus promoting a culture of continuity and their engagement with the educational cause. With each stamp representing one of the unique pattern motifs, the whole set became a living part of the identity, encouraging creativity and curiosity among the children and allowing them to create unique patterns and artworks.
The identity translates equally well as a physical object, in print, web and in digital environment, where the patterns come to life through engaging animations. The overall expression represents an aesthetic bridge between Scandinavian rationality and the sensitivity of the east. Flexible in its application and instantly recognizable, the identity has been received equally positive by Bokhari’s customers and their own employees.

  • Creative Directors Ina Brantenberg
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Mihail Mihaylov
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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