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by Scandinavian Design Group

Brandpad is a cloud-based software for creating digital brand guidelines.
As identities rely more on day to day use, interactive guidelines is by far the most effective way to utilize a brand identity. Brandpad is where brands live and prosper. We provide a cloud-based platform, crafted by designers for designers, making it easy to deliver professional, functional, and beautiful brand guidelines.
To reach our target audience – the designers, our goal was to make a promotional site appealing to them. Precise design with constant reduction of elements to create more value. Brandpad is a product they hopefully will use on a daily basis – hence the minimalist approach – always with the designer in focus.
With Brandpad, you can create custom-looking, interactive brand guidelines, without coding. You can deliver everything from specs and guides to files and assets. Gathered in one, easily accessed (or password protected) digital guideline.
The integration of the identity aims to communicate just what is necessary. Few items with solid craftmanship. Brandpad’s role is to make other brand’s extraordinary.

Please visit www.brandpad.io – and log in with Username: eda@brandpad.io and Password: edabrandpad to try the software.
Also, please watch the provided video link. It gives a depth into how the identity is integrated in the software.

  • Creative Directors Nicklas Haslestad
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Nicklas Haslestad
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Strategic Advisor Espen Getz
  • Interaction Designer Jørgen Bø Mathisen
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