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Breaking with traditions and leaving a mark on the city: Theater Rotterdam

by Verve by Vruchtvlees

The new Theater Rotterdam is the result of a merger between the Rotterdamse Schouwburg and the Productiehuis Rotterdam. Theater Rotterdam makes and presents theatre as well as educates the newest generation of theatre makers. With roots in Rotterdam, the theatre travels through the Netherlands and around Europe.

Theater Rotterdam stands for groundbreaking and often interdisciplinary theatre performances that celebrate differences, diversity and multiformity. The theatre brings together actors, journalists, dancers, inventors, storytellers, choreographers, talents and an interested audience to make theatre, realise real encounters and bring something about in the minds and hearts of its visitors as well as in the city of Rotterdam. It may be controversial, uncomfortable or surprising, as long as something happens. The new Theater Rotterdam has taken it upon itself to break through the filter bubble and the theatre walls.

Due to its wide scope of activities and events, the theatre needed a strong, recognisable identity. It needed to works for both large productions in the main hall but also for initimate performances in pop-up locations. It need to be discernible while being representative of a diverse group of theatre makers and visitors.

The visual identity of Theater Rotterdam focusses on a distinctive monogram, the TR. The monogram leaves its mark on the city, on the theatre’s performances and its visitors. The colour palette, consisting of eggplant, salmon, earth and blue, works both online and offline. We have been able to integrate Theater Rotterdam’s recognisable look in all touch points of the customer journey.

The identity communicates on various levels so that it can be both dominant and supportive in function. A detailed brand architecture which dictates the hierarchy of the monogram provides guidelines for the placing of ‘TR’. When offering a platform to other theatre companies, the visual identity is more supportive in nature and the style is combined with a subtle bar and the placing of a small logo. With their own productions, the monogram is stamped prominently on various communications means. A slight variation in the style has a direct impact on what is communicated.

Interpretations of the monogram vary across visitors; some see progress while others see a sail in the wind and others recognise theatre curtains. For us, the logo represents the raw character of the city of Rotterdam. It’s something that can be drawn with just a few pen strokes and the soft curve represents an element of human interaction. This can be seen online too, with the online dialogue tool that seeks interaction with the theatre’s visitors. With an interactive search engine, visitors are encouraged to look beyond his/her comfort zone. Conversion is stimulated with the golden orange color buttons. From its core, the visual identity reflects the true nature of the new Theater Rotterdam: it breaks through the filter bubble, starts dialogues, and shares unique ideas.

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