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by Momkai

Bugaboo is a Dutch mobility brand which revolutionised the world of stroller design, starting some 15 years ago and continues to do so today. As part of an ongoing and longstanding collaboration, Amsterdam-based design studio Momkai was asked to create and design the new Bugaboo website. In 2014, the new bugaboo.com was launched, allowing parents to discover the world of Bugaboo, and remain on the move. 

Starting on the homepage, a series of full screen, lifestyle images immediately capture the brand and immerse the viewer in the world of Bugaboo. Clicking through, the website echoes Bugaboo’s core design values, starting with mobility and expressed in smart design, smooth ride, and extraordinary value in both form and function.

Launched in 13 languages, the website is geo-targeted, adapting to the user’s local region and language, or can be switched manually to the country of their choosing. Bugaboo’s brand identity has been translated to a digital platform using easy-to-navigate dropdown menus, and interactive photo images which guide users through all different Bugaboo products, showcasing the various strollers and accessories. A characteristic choice of bold fonts reinforces the Bugaboo brand. The brand’s main proof points are displayed on each product page, reinforcing the key message of mobility. 

Colour schemes relate to the signature colours of the various strollers. An interactive configurator allows customers to discover the products from every angle thanks to 3D models, and strollers can be customised with added accessories, different coloured fabrics, seen in various configurations, and ordered straight from the site. The configurator is a key asset to the website as it forms not only a crucial part of the site, but offers potential customers a rich and easy-to-navigate experience, getting as close to the products as digitally possible. 

In addition to the rich product experience and shop functionality, the website provides useful tips and tricks, how-to videos and inspirational stories, all on dedicated and responsive, scroll-down pages. Whether seen from a desktop environment, tablet or smartphone, the website naturally adapts to the device in hand, offering the best-possible experience whatever the screen size. 

  • Creative Directors Harald Dunnink
  • Art Directors Harald Dunnink, Martijn van Dam
  • Designers Harald Dunnink, Martijn van Dam, Gijs Hietbrink
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • 3D technology 3DIMERCE
  • Developers Pascal Strijbos, Marc Bruisten, Eddy Koek, Ruben Nascimento, Mark Hinch
  • UX designers Thomas Dow, Harmen van Balen
  • Project managers Thomas Dow, Ruben Brug
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