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Building for the 2000-Watt Society: The State of Affairs

by Raffinerie AG
Best of Show

For the city of Zurich we developed the “mountain of energy” under the subject of “Sustainable Architecture”: 500 cardboard boxes are stacked upon each other representing a nine meter tall installation. This towering structure contains information regarding seminal architecture from Zurich, Switzerland and six additional countries. The infrared camera-inspired colour gradient provides the visual concept of the exhibition, catalogue and poster.

The architecture examples are split into six groups each themed with a colour. Theoretical text is then printed in black and white. Interstate is the devoted font for the entire typography. Every possible weight from extra thin to super bold is used to adjust the various reading situations on the cardboard box installation.

  • Creative Directors Christian Haas, Nenad Kovacic
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Simon Fuhrimann, Helen Pombo
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Daniel Kurz, Karin Vasella-Kuhn, Anna Blattert, Tanja Reimer, Paul Knüsel
  • Copywriters
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