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Cain & Abel

by Marcin Markowski

Cain & Abel – Theater Festival Brochure
As a result of attempt to transfer festival poster ”Cain & Abel” (personified scissors, which, in a gesture of cutting off hisbrother’s head, also hurts himself) outside of the classical format, there was created another form – the festival brochure. Although, the poster appears on the fourth page of the publication but it is not its placement, which affects this transformation. The black and white, raw printing is printed on a simple paper, which has not been cut out. In order to read the content, you must tear – or cut – naturally connected pages. Torn apart, irreversibly separated from each other, showing jagged edges.  This effect was designed to extend the function of a poster to the form of reading material. It was not meant to transpose its graphic motif but to find solutions naturally associated with the physical properties of paper, thus expanding the way to express the idea contained in the poster. On the one hand the close connection, and on the other the inevitable split, the separation of both parties. 

  • Creative Directors Marcin Markowski
  • Art Directors Marcin Markowski
  • Designers Marcin Markowski
  • Illustrators Marcin Markowski
  • Photographers Marcin Markowski
  • Editors Anna Maśląkowska
  • Copywriters Marcin Markowski
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