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Calendar of Coincidence (Zufallskalender)

by Q

What happens if you leave something to chance? The world’s first Calendar of Coincidence (Zufallskalender) offers several answers to this question. During all phases of its formation – design, printing, finishing, and binding – the creators and producers gave up their usual control and relied on coincidence. Since this is completely contradictiory to the traditional goal-oriented approach of designers, printers, and bookbinders, the project demanded both a willingness to assume risk propensity and above-average calm.Each calendar consists of various spreads with 25 illustrated stories about mere chance. Even in the initial creative phase, Inspector Luck and Sergeant Chance took control of the process. For example, spot colors were identified by walking barefoot on an agglo­meration of color charts; the colors that coincidentally stuck to the feet of the designers defined the color scheme for the calendar. For the page design, ­rolling dice, random software, and many more principles of random coincidence were applied, leading to surprising and unexpected results.In the next phase, various papers – provided by the client, the Antalis paper company – were inserted into the printing press, where colors were changed during the printing process. A set of different wire-o bindings and an accidental sort sequence of the calendar pages created unique calendars. Although all twelve months of the year 2011 are included, the calendar does not necessarily begin with January or end with December. The order of the months was arranged by chance. Because the combination of upper and lower pages within the vertical format were unpredictable, the design allowed for a connecting, visual bridge to make the varying pages appear as pairs.The calendar is supplemented by the website zufallskalender.de (in German) where viewers can see a making-of video and are invited to share and comment on personal events of coincidence. The accumulating collection of unbelievable stories reinforces the fascinating mystery of fortuity with astonishing significance.

  • Creative Directors Thilo von Debschitz
  • Art Directors Matthias Frey, Alexander Ginter
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Matthias Frey, Alexander Ginter, Moritz Stübig
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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