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Campus WU

by buero bauer - Gesellschaft für Orientierung & Identität mbH

The newly built campus for the University of Economics is located at Vienna’s widespread Prater park. With significant buildings by 6 international architect offices, the complex provides effective surface of 100.000 sqm for teachings and studies. This vast complex required a distinct orientation system with strong colors and nomenclature, leading from the outside through car parks to the buildings themselves, and finally to each and every lecture room. To state an international best practice example for Inclusive Design, the combination of analog, digital, tactile and acoustic media characterizes the way finding system: – The open font Titillium was extend by a stencil version. Its clear and significant appearance gives the orientation system a strong character. The accompanying pictogram family refers to the business context. – By folding the signs, 2 levels allow to transport information in both, German and English. – Tactile information: blind and partially sighted people were given additional guidance. Tactile Braille, raised tactile letters, tactile paving + guidance lines and tactile maps offer information. All applications follow the two sense principle by alternatively addressing at least two senses to the one missing. – Digital Signage: Door terminals allow to contact staff members. Digital door displays show current and upcoming lectures. A QR code connects directly with the room reservation system. Overview displays show news. All information is not visual only, but acoustic. A simple touch gesture reads out the actual screen. – Info terminals: Students and visitors can specifically look for information like lectures, people and rooms. All content is provided in German & English. To ensure freedom from barriers, the audio mode again reads all content from the screens. A strong contrast and reduction to the colors yellow and black increases the readability. The terminal itself can be rolled-under with a wheel chair.

  • Creative Directors Erwin K. Bauer
  • Art Directors
  • Designers David Schatzmann, Stephan Göschl, Sebastian Rauch
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Inclusive Design / Expert Accessibility Florian Szweywerth
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