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Cartesius typeface

by Autobahn

The city of Utrecht has grown to twice its size in recent years, particularly with the advent of the new Vinex-area Leidsche Rijn (90.000 inhabitants). Due to these urban changes, the geographic center has moved from the old city center to a derelict industrial area, named Cartesius. In 2008 Autobahn conceived a plan to transform this former industrial area into a Cultural Olympic Village where culture, creativity and knowledge can thrive. The name of this village is Basecamp Cartesius.
In the last two years the area is completely transformed. A lot of initiators of very diverse projects, entrepeneurs and artists joined us to realise the concept of Basecamp Cartesius. Now the area is full of creativity and it is to become a wide spread example of co-creation and innovations. To create a fitting identity for Basecamp Cartesius and a tool for all the people who are working in this area, we designed a typeface that preserves and recalls the rich industrial history of the Cartesius area: the long gone time of rugged steel workers and craftsmen who dominated the area for decades. The typeface is free to use for people with initiative for the area or for people who want to communicate about Cartesius. By now the typeface has become a ‘Made in Cartesius’ quality mark that people recognise.

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