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by studio FM milano

studio FM milano has curated the graphic project and art direction for the new Catalogue Cassina, that include the entire product collection and represent an important renewal step for the company. Typographic codes, colours, modernist-inspired graphic planning, selected iconographic items, they all tend to underline historic and cultural values of this firm, that has contributed to create the history of Italian design throughout the years. The new environmental portraits have been taken in cooperation with photographer Giuseppe Brancato and stylist Alexandra Van de Sande. Locations have been chosen according to architectural and planning features of the indoors, while the setting of Cassina products is conceived in an intellectual, accesible and creative idea of contemporary interior design, particularly in contrast with the whole concept of “interior system”. 

  • Creative Directors studio FM milano
  • Art Directors studio FM milano
  • Designers studio FM milano
  • Illustrators studio FM milano
  • Photographers Giuseppe Brancato, Santi Caleca, Federico Cedrone, Matthew Donaldson, Andrea Ferrari, Nathalie Krag, Tommaso Sartori, Nicola Zocchi
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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