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by Estudio Pablo Amargo

CASUALIDAD  (Chance) it is an illustrated album which story happens in a little town continuously battered by strong winds. In contrast to the rest of the town citizens, the story?s main character denies the role of chance as of explaining the adversities brought about by the winds.The album unfolds the story allowing the reader to move the same way we do when we travel first time to a city. Taking our look not only to street level but to the buildings its roofs and the skyline. Casualidad suggests a vertical reading via black and white illustrations where play, chances, visual paradoxes and double meanings induce a parallel narrative.The book combines fiction and reality, drawing up the story using different collections of wind related objects, as are kites (of which a historic collection is presented) or weathercocks (of which appear an interesting selection of authentic weathercocks related with different places of the european geography).

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Pablo Amargo
  • Designers Pablo Amargo
  • Illustrators Pablo Amargo
  • Photographers
  • Editors Bárbara Fiore
  • Copywriters
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