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Centenary of Icelandic Independence and Sovereignty

by Orn Smari Design

The project consists of two 10 pcs stamp sheets, a miniature sheet with both stamps and a gift-folder with the miniature stamp sheet. The challenge was to find or create a relevant graphic/images to illustrate the occasion of 100 years Independence of Iceland. The solution was to illustrate the two very different buildings, the Parliament and the Government house, one white and the other black. With a bird’s eye view in December’s blueness the buildings look like brother and sister. The miniature sheet also contains infographics based on statistics from Statistics Iceland and show how, population, number of sheep, territorial sea, fishing and residency has changed over last 100 years.

  • Creative Directors Orn Smari Gislason
  • Art Directors Orn Smari Gisason
  • Designers Orn Smari Gislason
  • Illustrators Orn Smari Gislason
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Eðvarð Jónsson
  • 100 years Fullveldi Island logo Design Pipar
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