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Centre de la Photographie Genève

by Nask

The day when the «Centre de la Photographie Genève» approached us to review its identity for the 30th anniversary of the organisation, we met a content-rich organisation but dressing an unsuitable outfit. The visual identity was obsolete and the positioning uncertain.
Our process to fix and revitalise this esteemed institution included an assessment on core values. Ideals of social activism, experimentation and openness emerged from the conversation and helped to define the new image.
After clarifying the core-values behind the identity of the organisation, we worked on bringing back the visual resources to the centre of the communication strategy. Today the full potential of the photography is exploited on all channels. Graphic design acts mainly as a powerful positioning clarifier.
The process included a deep research among other cultural institutions, workshops with the client, research in typography and graphic design, and numerous presentations to find the most tailored and satisfying solutions.
We decided to employ typeface «Neuzeit Grotesk» for the logo. This typeface was born during the 1920s, an era of experimentation and standardization in the design field. A perfect match to our needs: its robustly geometrical sans-serif shape brought stability, composure and sophistication to the new visual language.

  • Creative Directors Skander Najar
  • Art Directors Nadja Zimmermann
  • Designers Nadja Zimmermann
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Designer Assistant Kalinka Janowski
  • Web Designer Chi-Binh Trieu
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