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by rincon2 medien gmbh

Chez Chef: A long-standing, well-known restaurant with increasingly unclear direction located at Cologne’s Mediapark is getting a new owner, a new profile and a new look. This will be the first restaurant in Cologne to take on the style of a New York steakhouse. Only premium ingredients will be used: the very best meat from select farms and organic crops. Meals will be prepared and served without much pomp and decoration. This is a brave undertaking for Cologne standards.

rinc?n2 is removing the misleading “Chez” from the name and designing a new logo and a new look to display the premium attitude in a simple, handmade context. In contradiction to the common depiction of organic requirements in gritty, authentic black and white photography and watercolor illustrations, the coarse and handdrawn chalk writings contrast with the red bull as the protagonist. This unconventional display combined with poignant declarations clearly emphasizes the high demands of the company in a brave manner.

  • Creative Directors Robert Hardt, Matthias Rincón
  • Art Directors Martina Hartmann
  • Designers Martina Hartmann, Robert Hardt
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Robert Hardt
  • Copywriters Robert Hardt
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