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City as a vagabond guide


Cities are generous of what they offer, but an ordinary tourist guide or a map is not able to express this richness at its fullest. There is a need for a city guide that will stay within the boundaries of being a tool and will just help you to explore the city through your own eyes. I want to give the guide genre an alternative to how one navigates a city, not simply following the city’s physical structure, but its subjective hidden layer. Therefore, to affect the perception of one’s spatial surroundings, to stimulate a new awareness of the urban landscape, against preconceived and unquestioned mental images. My suggestion is to invite the curious urban explorers to stroll, listen to their senses and emotions, get off their predictable paths and experience routes in the city with their own eyes and then share it with their friends. 
The ”City as a vagabond guide” is an open city guide application which generates circular walks in any city, based on a drawing made by the user and the given geographical grid. The user is led mainly by audio instructions, being free to explore and record his experience by photographs, video or text. At the end of the route, he can keep the documentation of his journey on his phone in the form of a subjective map generated every second based on his speed. The length of the streets in the map will now represent how interesting or boring a street was perceived, from the specific person’s point of view. He can also share this map with his contacts on Facebook or Twitter. What will be visible to them are the subjective maps that the person created, with their points of departure. Their options are either to use the instructions from their friend’s hand-drawn shape, starting from the same departure point, or to use them on a different location. The finally generated subjective maps will – although similar in shape – be always totally different for each user.

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