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City Council Brochures

by Haltenbanken as

The Task

We have made a series of brochures for the Bergen city council, all with cultural political plans.

The task was to create a design concept for each of the brochures, which both separated and united the different brochures. The content is information on the different cultural plans, what they were about and how they have been conducted. The reader of these brochures is members of the Bergen political groups and the city council.

The Solution

We’ve made a series of brochures that have some common features – like paper and size, but also has features that clearly gives each brochure a visual personality of its own. Each of the brochures has gotten an own visual identity that reflects the content as well as speak to the adult reader. We have played with typography end simple forms, and at the same time given the content space and attention.

  • Creative Directors Haltenbanken
  • Art Directors Haltenbanken
  • Designers Haltenbanken
  • Illustrators Haltenbanken
  • Photographers Various
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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