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by Maison Moderne

CITY MAG is the Ville de Luxembourg’s official monthly publication.

Its design is immediately distinguished by two factors. Firstly, it is delivered in magazine format, unfolds into newspaper format, but has a magazine quality feel. Secondly, a bold masthead that changes for each edition ? the first name of that month?s cover star becomes the masthead title. Consistency on the cover, and therefore instant recognition of the product, is maintained by unique photographic style and the subheading ?City Magazine Luxembourg?.

To enhance reader navigation, the publication is divided into two sections: The CITY MAGAZINE section includes news, useful information, city guides and people profiles. The CITY AGENDA section previews the best cultural events and incorporates a comprehensive listings guide.

Content is published in both English and French (or, where appropriate, in German), aimed at a wide audience in the multicultural city

  • Creative Directors Mike Koedinger
  • Art Directors Guido Kröger, Vera Capinha Heliodoro, Maxime Pintadu
  • Designers Stephanie Poras
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Julien Becker, Andres Lejona, David Laurent, Véronique Kolber
  • Editors Duncan Roberts, Deborah Lambolez, Cynthia Winand
  • Copywriters
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