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Closing Down - All Stock Reduced

by Iris Holtkamp, Jan-Eric Stephan – Visual Communication

In this publication we question the role of design in the globalization of nothing (based on the theory of the american sociologist George Ritzer). By looking at commercial signs and surfaces we take the consumption society as driving force behind “nothing”.
We visited Berlin, Zurich, London, Budapest and Bucharest and focused on billboards, directional signs and shop front signs. We wanted to explore the state and influence of these “forms of nothing”. Next to this result of our visual explorations the publication is completed by interviews with experts in the fields of architecture, design and urban planning.

  • Creative Directors Iris Holtkamp, Jan-Eric Stephan
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Iris Holtkamp, Jan-Eric Stephan
  • Editors Iris Holtkamp, Jan-Eric Stephan
  • Copywriters
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