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by Redmadrobot

Codewards is an online gaming platform that helps children learn the basics of programming. Children become actual programmers by saving the underwater city of Aurora from catastrophe; establishing city systems and communications, solving complex problems, and managing mechanisms with the help of written code.

For us, it was important to make the interface simple and easy to use. Children are accustomed to using tactile gadgets, which means a keyboard is not always comfortable for them. We simplified the task by having all commands entered using the mouse. In order to help the children feel like real developers, we left hints on each level, including highlighting the lines of erroneous code and tutorials in key positions.

The launch buttons are located directly on the playing field – this helps to keep childrens’ attention and switch their focus from the panel where the code is written to the playing field. We looked at the code writing interface from our iOS and Android developers, noting which colors are used in the development environment, and moved them to the simulator, making them a bit more childish. We also selected a black background for the code, in order to reduce stress on the eyes. 

Our young heroes are awaited by a dangerous journey in which every child can acquire new skills and become a rescue-engineer!

  • Creative Directors Team Codewards
  • Art Directors Sergey Galtsev
  • Designers Kateryna Mikhaylova
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Product Architects Leonid Borisov, Arthur Sakharov
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