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Coldwater Prawns of Norway

by Kind

Coldwater Prawns of Norway is Norway’s largest exporter of Coldwater Prawns from deep Arctic waters. The prawns are caught in clean, deep waters and have a quality and purity that few other products in the world can boast. It is the only supplier in the world that delivers 100% Norwegian coldwater prawns, IQF, cooked and peeled, with MSC, FOS, and KRAV approval. Kind has been responsible for the communication strategy, concept development, and overall branding for the Coldwater Prawns of Norway and has now renewed the company’s website to emphasize their USPs of environmental focus and the purity of their products.
The company provides one of the world’s purest products. Caught in the world’s cleanest waters. Following the world’s strictest environmental standards. All of the communication is structured around the purity concept. This is enhanced in all visuals, including the website. We developed their dynamic slogan based on it and the main structure of the website has built on it as chapters: “Pure passion”, “Pure flavor”, “Pure origin” and “Pure planet”. 
The page is built to guide the user seamlessly between the chapters in the storytelling. We wanted to tell the story in an interactive and interesting way. All animations and transitions are created to achieve a seamless feeling, without notches and stops in the flow. The animations are made as 3D elements simulating different details of the origin of their harvest area – arctic Svalbard. 
The site has a light and clean expression to bring out the cold and pure arctic feeling. Small details with the accent color – orange are used as a representation of the product itself – the prawn. The film is used as an active tool to get depth in the page and to convey the brand’s value chain, as well as the journey from Svalbard to the plate.
The future of Coldwater Prawns of Norway’s business is depending on a cleaner tomorrow. The website is one of the tools to convey the brand’s environmental focus both in terms of the planet and the people. That their responsibility shall be reflected in our interaction with people, and our views of our global environmental responsibility.
A website is a representation tool used in sales processes, as well as informing and triggering emotional value around Coldwater Prawns of Norway. The main target group in focus is global importers and the computer industry, the secondary target group is consumers.

  • Creative Directors Tom Emil Olsen, Knut Harald Longva
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Knut Harald Longva, Carl Bugge
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Christoffer Meyer
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Project Leader Beate Myren Romslo
  • Strategic Brand Consultant Thomas Danielsen
  • Film Producer Hallstein Mala
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