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Collecting Collections & Concepts

by R2

R2 created the graphic design for the book Collecting Collections and Concepts — An iconoclastic journey through collections of formless things, the result of a homonymous exhibition curated by Paulo Mendes for Guimarães 2012 — European Capital of Culture. The publication gathers the exhibited projects, as well as texts written by experts in various areas. The graphic design was developed in close relation to the book’s editorial content. In terms of composition, R2 designers were inspired by the exhibition space’s history as an old textile factory, and chose to follow a more mechanical concept. It was the intention of the designers that the composition of the text was marked by industrial characteristics. The book is organized by layers, allowing several readings. This feature is visible from the graphic resources to which designers resorted, from the use of various types of paper, to typography. R2 chose to use PDU, a font based on a universal template, which offers great versatility due to its formal compositional simplicity. Its precise geometry is also a feature shared by the manufacturing world.

  • Creative Directors Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo
  • Art Directors Lizá Ramalho, Artur Rebelo and Paulo Mendes
  • Designers Lizá Ramalho and Artur Rebelo
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Fundação Cidade de Guimarães and IN.TRANSIT Editions
  • Copywriters
  • Photography (Project reproduction) Filipe Braga
  • Technical DTP Artur Faria
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