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Control your volume

by Today

Knops is the stylish analogue volume controller for your ears that allows users to easily adjust ambient noise in 4 steps. A volume button for your ears to prevent hearing damage.

The design challenge was primarily to visualise the functionalities of the product and emphasise the distinguishing character of the product. Branding that creates added value for this premium product.

Knops has funded its product through crowdfunding. High-quality branding was very important in persuading people to invest in Knops. The brand applies both the functionalities of the product and the lifestyle of various users (party people to working professionals) in a smart way. The branding needed to make the target group understand what Knops is all about in order to get the necessary funding. And it worked: the target of €30,000 was reached within 24 hours at crowdfunding platforms Kickstarter and Indiegogo. But the counter didn’t stop there, and Knops received over €800,000 worth of pre-orders. The brand identity, imagery and website contributed heavily to the success and all the (media) coverage. The Dutch start-up became a global success story in no time.

We used the product, the ‘Knop’ (Dutch for ‘knob’) itself as a starting-point for the brand identity, and visualised its functionality with sound graphics. The design revolved around turning the knob in order to filter out the noise in four steps. We came up with the idea to depict the various settings with four colour surfaces, derived from a decibel metre.
All style elements come together in the packaging. Making it compact and functional while creating a true unboxing experience. Going through several steps before getting your hands on the “gadget” contributes to the anticipation of this innovative product.
On the side of the packaging, the four colours flow into one another exactly as they would do on a decibel metre. The outer cover was designed for an opening to slide across the various decibels like a volume controller. A reference to the pay-off: “Control your volume”.

  • Creative Directors Bob Derksen
  • Art Directors Wouter Friso, Robbert Smit
  • Designers Melina de Cock, Mary Ponomareva
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Michiel Spijkers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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