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Couro Azul

by Bürocratik

Couro Azul (Blue Leather in english) is a strong player on the automotive market. With clients such as Porsche, Volvo, Mercedes and VW, Couro Azul holds an impressive record of over 56 millions steering wheels served since 1998 and needed a impressive website to match the leader automobile presence of the company and get visibility for the other brands. Couroazul.com is a website build with exceptional care for details and respect for the legacy of the company. It stands out as a product of digital craftsmanship, just like their products stand out on the cars we drive and trains and planes we use daily.
The website is clearly targeted for the automotive/railway/aircraft markets. Is built upon carefully crafted video and photography that triggers the senses with the forefront quality of their leather-clad interiors boosting distinction on every frame. The two main objectives for the website were: raising awareness of their product quality to the auto brands and to have a respectful tribute to the company remarkable 78 years heritage. The brand was also refurbished into the new graphic system. The website is build upon premium content (video, copy & photography) spanning from the beginning of the process until the finished products over the 3 main markets. Leather is not an easy subject nowadays, so we had extreme caution to make the process as neutral as possible considering it’s a animal by-product that could be easily hostile. The website is crafted to desktop and mobile (with their obvious limitations) and is intended to be an experience into the realm of this secular industry.
The project was unleashed in December on a special event with all the brands that work with Couro Azul’s leather. The impact of the main film, which has a special cut on the homepage, was specially relevant.

  • Creative Directors Adriano Esteves
  • Art Directors Bruno Amorim
  • Designers Bruno Amorim, Marco Ribeiro
  • Illustrators António Lourenço
  • Photographers Augusto Brázio
  • Editors Wrong Planet
  • Copywriters Carolina Lapa
  • Developers Daniel Vaz, Marco Ribeiro, Tomé Graveto, João Matos
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