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Our Mission: To bring the fascination for motorcycles and the passion behind it on coffee tables and workbenches.

CRAFTRAD is a visually powerful, intense and honest magazine. Everything is about the axis of good: The human being and its machine. 

In CRAFTRAD content meets aesthetics, passion meets creativity. A fresh and bold layout paired with a sensitive haptic sets the framework for interviews, reports, portraits, opinions about both free and critical thinking guys like we are. CRAFTRAD is loud, looks good and knows how to differentiate between cubic capacity and style. Live is a stage, riding motorcycles a total work of art.

Riding motorcycles is the embodiment of freedom, joy for life and non-conformism. Out of the comfort zone, off to the next adventure. Because of that CRAFTRAD is not just about motorcycles but also about the passion behind it: travelling, music, fashion, skating, surfing, cars, design, craftsmanship. That is composed in a positive and humorous way – we go where disharmony and arguments evolve. We do not only know our topics, we love them. 

The readers of CRAFTRAD are solvent and unmet. The core target group are motorcycle enthusiasts and customizer. They are a carrier for stories and a constantly growing group. For the core riding motorcycles is attitude to life and expression of individualism. However, having a bike is for the CRAFTRAD reader not obliged. On level 1 there are the ones who dedicate themselves to nice things. They emphasize exceptional, long living products and adapt early to new trends. On another level there are different types of readers: the stylish urban dweller, the well-situated car enthusiast, the sporty adventurer as well as the fact-oriented motorcyclist.
Caring for high-quality products, which represent their attitude towards life, unites them.

  • Creative Directors Jan Zühlke (Founder)
  • Art Directors Christian Schärmer
  • Designers Christian Schärmer, Lena Drießen
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers e.g. Tim Adler, Götz Göppert, Joachim Baldauf, Hermann Köpf
  • Editors e.g. Tim Davies, Jan Joswig, Caroline Jebens, Sarah Binetsch,
  • Copywriters
  • CEO, Founder Christoph Blumberg
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