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Creative work in progress (Blending in and standing out )

by Synopsis

This exhibition is the result of 3 months of work and 2 weeks of onsite work of 2 men (Stefan Lucut & Ovidiu Hrin). 28 posters were printed on foamboard, 300m of coloured tape was bought ( 7 colors ), custom cut wooden exhibition system was built, 20 square meters paste-up (196 A3 xerox sheets) were printed, 60 frames for the typography workshop were bought and also thin rope, magnetic colour + 3 magnet cut alphabets for the typographic announcers, colored isolation tape for the 4 sq/m tape artwork. All of them were put topgether by 2 men in 14 days working 12h/day .
Each poster in the exhibition represent a major highlight of the events organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna during the past 4 years. They were all designed retroactively as an homage to what was but also to celebrate what will come. The Posters play a central role in the permanent exhibition ‘Blending in & Standing out” which also announced the RKI’s new brand image and visual communication also developed by the undersigned.
During the 14 days we organized an 2 day typography workshop for the 60 frames in the Hall of fame room each frame bearing the name of a historical figure in romanian culture.
The catch? The overall production budget for the whole 250 Square meters installation was 3850 EU.
All the rest is history

  • Creative Directors Ovidiu Hrin
  • Art Directors Ovidiu Hrin, Stefan Lucut
  • Designers Ovidiu Hrin, Stefan Lucut,
  • Illustrators Ovidiu Hrin, Stefan Lucut, Marketa Brezovska, Jan Kristek, Lavinia Popa, Pupsa Cristina, Silvia Stefanescu, Lavinia Veres
  • Photographers Eugen Radut, Daniel Dorobantu, Stefan Lucut,
  • Editors Gabriel Kohn,
  • Copywriters Gabriel Kohn, Alexandru Nebeja,
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