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Creativity Center of IE Campus Life

by Meteorito Estudio

IE University wanted an experience box to show the Creativity Center in the historic Casa de la Moneda in Segovia to their faculty. To promote its possibilities and the activities that can take place there.
Our proposal: A trip through the Casa de la Moneda building to discover its arquitecture, full of art and history, where tradition and innovation meet. Where artistic activities live together with the business environment.
We brought it to life with an object box which covers simulate the doors at Casa de la Moneda, inviting to enter and discover their facilities.
The production: Artisanal production of 60 units. Offset print and manual confection. Made with lined cardboard with Fedrigoni Materica Gesso 120g. Interior shelf made with Fedrigoni Materica Ardesia 320g. It contains a personalized USB card-drive with information about the place possibilities.

  • Creative Directors Eva Guadalupe
  • Art Directors Eva Guadalupe
  • Designers Fidel Cordón
  • Illustrators Fidel Cordón
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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