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Creature of Habit

by Ambassadors

Did you ever give any thought to the fact you have never switched banks in your entire life? You are not alone, as the ‘Creature of Habit’ can be an example for all of us. ASN Bank changes up the financial world with their new campaign and demonstrates in a playful way how money can actually make you happy.
“We were looking for a new fresh breeze in an advertising category that is normally cluttered with interchangeable brand manifesto’s and client central theatre plays”, explains the Creative Director. “We are very grateful for the trust the client had in us for going with such an unorthodox approach. Because ASN Bank is very focused on sustainability, it was very important for us to translate that passion into the film.”
The financial world is all too often represented in a cliché image, so enough reason for ASN Bank to change it up to a more contemporary one. The story of the Creature of Habit is honest and the voice over takes you back to those dreamy bed time stories.
From the start it was important for us to create a world for this story that felt real, honest and tactile. This would fit the brand and the message. This is why we created a real miniature forest and characters that are made of fabric and tactile materials, we combined different CG animation techniques to bring the characters to life. The character designs where kept simple and archetypal, the Badger is made out of pinstriped suit fabric like a true banker, the Creature of Habit is stuck in his ways and jumps through the film in his favourite knitted sweater. During the production we brought everything together, from CG animation, miniature backgrounds, painted backgrounds to visual effects and the result is a perfect combination of different animation and film techniques all tailored to tell the brand story of ASN Bank.

  • Creative Directors Diederick Hillenius & Poppe van Pelt
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Maureen van der Hout, Iris van den Akker, Nick Groeneveld
  • Photographers
  • Editors Oscar Marmelstein
  • Copywriters
  • Director Vincent Lammers
  • Executive Post Producer Daphne Litjens
  • Associate Design & Animation Director Nick Groeneveld
  • Layout & Storyboard Vincent Lammers, Nick Groeneveld, Iris van den Akker
  • 2D Animation Rink Hof
  • Sound Designer Rens Pluym
  • Composer Sebastiaan Roestenburg
  • DOP Gatze Zonneveld
  • Visual Effect Supervisor Stephen Pepper
  • Colourist Koert van der Ploeg
  • Composting Stephen Pepper, Jeremy Verf, Sil Bulterman, Melissa van het Spijker
  • CG Supervisor Will Jeffers
  • CG Artist Will Jeffers, Jonathan Krijgsman, Jeroen Cloosterman, Ralph Meijer, Jeroen Hoolmans, Nick Groeneveld, Hendrik Kramer
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