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CUF Hospitals & Clinics, Portugal

by P 06 studio

P 06 studio was approached by Grupo José de Mello Saúde (a Portuguese private health group with a growing network of hospitals and clinics throughout the country), in order to be part of a global renovation and create a different concept for the hospitals and clinics. The whole idea was that a strong and unique identity could be felt across the CUF network.

The signage project for CUF hospitals was designed having the patient as the main target to address (but also having in mind the mandatory operational needs of the hospitals’ staff). The signage system itself should be efficient enough to allow for the patient to be self sufficient and not need any help from the existing staff during any step of the process.

To achieve this, we designed a clean graphic language to allow good legibility and also good integration on the existing architecture and interior design mood. Good legibility was also accomplished with the use of generous scale graphics and typography. The backbone of this graphic language is the chosen typography: Larsseit. To match the clean and elegant feel of this typeface we designed a full custom pictogram set that helps to convey a more clear and direct message on the signs.

The signage system used the same color code that was defined on the interior design mood in order to create a visual coherence between specific zones / services and the associated signage. Blue is the brand color for CUF, therefore used as the default color, associated with a generic wide range of services (medical services like scheduled consultations and exams, along with some non-medical services). Orange was used for the emergency department. Yellow for hospitalization and all the services that could require some permanence from the patient like observation rooms, recovery rooms, operating rooms, among others. Green was the defined color for the oncology zone.

This new signage concept for CUF hospitals was developed as a global system with a style guide, and also developed on individual projects for each hospital where the system is adapted to each hospital’s specific architecture and operational needs.

  • Creative Directors Nuno Gusmão
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Signage: Mário Videira, Frederico Gonçalves, Sebastião Soares. Interiors: Vanda Mota, Frederico Gonçalves, Marta Vaz, Jacinta Fialho, Miguel Ferreira
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers José Vicente | Agência Calipo
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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