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by Dagens Næringliv

D2 is the weekend lifestyle supplement for Dagens Næringsliv, Norway’s largest financial newspaper. Being one of the country’s leading lifestyle and culture magazines, D2 is renowned for its high quality magazine photography and a visually driven presentation of smart lifestyle journalism, covering categories such as art, architecture, music, fashion, the great outdoors, design, food, technology, cars, sports and travel. Serious yet quirky, the magazine has a distinct and refined style that resonates with its mother newspaper, while still having its own unique signature.

The magazine’s target audience is the newspaper’s core subscribers, economists, legal professionals, highly educated individuals who like to keep on top of current events, but who are also interested in culture and trends. Our extended core readers are creatives and intellectuals in all fields, and others who are interested in trends and our social analysis. D2 has a younger profile and a larger female audience than the newspaper proper. While our readers tend to be upper-middle class and often creative, at D2 we like to think that the topics that catch our attention can interest a very wide range of people. We strive to keep the magazine sophisticated and elegant, but without becoming elitist or exclusionary.

When Norway and the world closed down in Spring 2020, we were compelled to think differently regarding our normal content. Our magazine has, in 2020, been more Norwegian and more local. We have, even when we couldn’t travel far, created a visually fresh magazine that shows new facets of our country.

D2 represents a well-wrought and effective visual communication. We strive to have magazine photography that can compete with the best international work, and commission some of the most interesting illustrators in Norway and abroad. At once restrained yet allowing for creative outbursts and surprising design, the design features a clean layout with a well-wrought grid and clearly prioritised elements, and a broad range of typographic expressions. Two classic font families supply a rich typographic base – a sharp and distinct serif, and an “ugly-pretty” grotesque that, despite its historic roots, reads as very contemporary – providing endless combinations that help keep the magazine fresh. There is also room for “external” elements in the form of typographic illustration and experiments. The layout’s vertical orientation, and use of white space are active ingredients that let the images and text interact while keeping their integrity. Classical design is contested by layouts that are at once asymmetrical and well-balanced. Visual calm allows the reader to digest the elements, kick back and enjoy their Saturday morning coffee.

  • Creative Directors Anne Brun
  • Art Directors Christian Hermansen, Mikkel Cappelen Smith, Claudia C. Sandor, Kari Live Rønningen, Anders Stensen
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Sigurd Fandango, David B. Torch, Aleksander Nordahl
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Editor of Photography Nils Vik
  • Chief Subeditor Bjørnar Valdal
  • Subeditor Morten Sørdal
  • Product owner Anders Kemp
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