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Damit der Abschied das Leben würdigt.

by oppa franz brand design

The aim of the relaunch is to simplify the predominant brands, in one for the customer Understandable corporate structure and clear and controllable communication of quality, services and Particularities of the different funeral homes. One of the corporate goals is the inorganic growth, the peculiarity is that the market dynamics does not allow the change the name of the acquired companies. Because of this, the challenge was to create a design system develop what enables new funeral homes to be integrated quickly and easily into the existing system. The idea based on the light-flooded room of a Gothic cathedral. A feeling of calm, space and security. The new design has a modern although a traditional, artisanal and high-quality look. From the simple shape of a 1/4 circle taken from the old logo was a system created that allows to design every letter of the alphabet as a figurative mark. The Logo-System based on the grid from Gothic windows. 

  • Creative Directors Michael Menge
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Inga Luft
  • Illustrators Maria Balkovaya
  • Photographers Lars Langemeier
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Michael Menge
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