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Data visualizations for Visual Data, Corriere della Sera – La Lettura

by Federica Fragapane

«Visual Data» column is a data visualization weekly published within «La Lettura» the cultural supplement of the Italian newspaper «Corriere Della Sera». Federica Fragapane periodically collaborates with «La Lettura», designing the data visualizations.
The design process is characterized by a constant research for meaningful subjects to be visualized and new visual experimentations. Every visualization is the result of a multistep design process: research of topic and data, data analysis, design of the visual model and stylistic finishing.
The visualizations deal with subjects that are carefully chosen in order to create meaningful storytelling pieces. The aim of the design process is to engage the readers with interesting contents and visually appealing aesthetics, generating a connection between designer and user that passes through shapes, colors and lines. Federica Fragapane works across different topics: literature, art, society and current and urgent issues. For every topic, a specific visual model is designed, in a constant balance between aesthetics and clearness.
Every piece tells a unique story: the contents are presented in layers of information, so as to allow the reader to choose how to explore the visualization and the deepness of the analysis.
The project is characterized by a constant research for new aesthetics and forms, created by a stream of dialogue between the contents and the visual elements, combined to the designer’s will to create a different visualization every time, but with the same stylistic matrix.
The visualizations:
• The 50 Most Violent Cities in the World
The visualization shows the 50 most violent cities in the world in 2017.
• Marx and Engels
Visual analysis of the epistolary relationship between Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
• Food expenditure and calories
The visualization shows a selection of 31 countries based on the share of consumer expenditure spent on food products in 2016.
• The Geography of Human Rights
The visualization shows the Human Rights Protection index and the Human Rights Violations index for 50 countries.
• Asylum Seekers and the Network of Positive Decisions
The visualization shows the number of positive decisions on asylum application taken by the European countries in 2017 and the countries of origin of the citizens for whom these decisions were made.
• Map of Remote and Literary Islands
The visualization shows a collection of 60 islands, 30 remote islands and 30 literary islands.

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