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Data visualizations for Visual Data, Corriere della Sera – La Lettura

by Federica Fragapane

Visual Data column is a data visualization published within La Lettura, the cultural supplement of the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera. Federica Fragapane designs periodically the visualizations, in a constant research for meaningful subjects to be visualized and new visual forms. Every visualization is the result of a multistep design process: research of topic and data, data analysis, design of the visual model and stylistic finishing.
The visualizations deal with subjects carefully chosen. The main purpose is to engage the reader with meaningful and interesting contents and a visually appealing aesthetic. The contents are presented in different layers of information, so as to allow the reader to choose how to explore the visualization and the deepness of the analysis.
The project is characterized by a constant research for new aesthetics and forms created by a stream of dialogue between the contents and the visual elements, combined to the designer’s will to create a different project every time, but with the same stylistic matrix. In a few cases the experimentation also includes a combination between data visualization and illustration, with the purpose of creating a work made of different visual components, that can dialogue among each other and captivate the reader.

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