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De Correspondent

by Momkai

Intro: De Correspondent is a Dutch-language online journalism platform that focuses on analysis, investigative reporting, background and the kinds of stories that tend to escape the radar of mainstream media. It was launched in September 2013 after raising more than 1.3 million Euros, from 18,933 backers in just eight days; setting a crowd-funding world record in journalism. In addition to offering high quality content, De Correspondent also aims to contribute, through innovation and experience, to journalism’s ongoing transition into the 21st century. About editorial illustrations: As founding partners, Momkai was involved from the beginning in helping to make De Correspondent a digital platform that embraces illustration as a means of expressing ideas and stories. Many editorial illustrations were created in-house at Momkai by Cléa Dieudonné, who regularly contributes to the platform; two series of her illustrations have been included. The first series, of which Dieudonné’s colourful patterns are a trademark, was created for a set of short stories by the correspondent for society and human behavior, Vera Mulder. The subject of the stories were based on real life observations of people she encountered in her daily travels. The illustrations were created in order to set the tone of the subject in question, and seamlessly matched the tragic yet humorous tone of the articles. The second series features hand-rendered black and white pencil drawings, created for a series of audiobooks (podcasts) by Nina Polak. The surreal and fantastic nature of the stories required a befitting illustrative style, created to truly spark the imagination of the listener.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Harald Dunnink
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Cléa Dieudonné
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Image editor Sterre Sprengers
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