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Dear Ms Brauch, ... - Schicksal und Schönheit der gebrochenen Schriftformen


„Dear Ms Brauch, … – Schicksal und Schönheit der gebrochenen Schriftformen“ was a bachelor thesis by Elisabeth Gruber who graduated in February 2009 at the FH JOANNEUM (University of Applied Sciences) in Graz. It was published by Leykam Buchverlag (http://www.leykamverlag.at/shop/Kunst-Kultur/Dear-Ms-Brauch-_pr_330.html) in autumn 2009.
The book gives an understanding of the beauty and uniqueness of the original gothic letters. It outlines their history and enlightens on the abuse and prejudice against the “Fraktur” and all other forms of the “blackletters” issued from the use during the National Socialism. Already the title points out to the content of the book –„Ms Brauch“ is read in German as “Missbrauch” (=abuse).
The graphics in the book are arrangements of letters to patterns and symbols that underline the content and give the reader an understanding of the beauty of the “blackletters” and their manifoldness.
The target audience is everyone who is interested in typography, graphic design and history. The books intention is the rehabilitation of the “blackletters” by informing and unveiling the real story of that wonderful and manifold typeface.

  • Creative Directors Elisabeth Gruber, Dplm. Grafikerin Catherine Rollier
  • Art Directors ---
  • Designers Elisabeth Gruber
  • Illustrators Elisabeth Gruber
  • Photographers ---
  • Editors Elisabeth Gruber
  • Copywriters Elisabeth Gruber
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