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Den Blå Planet


‘Den Blå Planet’, one of the world’s most beautiful aquariums, was opened in 2013 in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is a big tourist attraction that aims towards casual visitors, families and children first and foremost.
From the very beginning visitors were appealed by the iconic architecture of the building but lost track of the routing inside and also asked for more information and possibilities of interaction. So the task was to fit ‘Den Blå Planet’ with a new informative and intriguing exhibition and an improved orientation system.
The basis of the overall concept is a new graphic manual that is applied to all formats and media. Numbers and main colours help to distinguish the thematic areas, which visitors enter through light gates in the foyer. Large-scale illustrations simultaneously offer orientation and an abundance of information. They are up to 50 metres long and three to four metres high (about 600 sqm in total). A special lighting concept was developed that makes the graphic elements appear like illuminated boxes; virtually ‘floating in space’ they contribute to the flow of the tour. New exhibits and immersive, interactive spatial installations give rhythm to the exhibition.
The ‘Species Information System’ – architecturally integrated touch screens in front of the aquariums – gives information about the animals in the aquarium and the ’Blue-Planet-App’ offers additional data. It accompanies the tour and automatically locates the visitor’s current position within the aquarium via Bluetooth. The mobile app also contains a game: Depending on their position, the visitor is asked several questions. With every correct answer new fish parts are unlocked which the visitor can use to create their own individual fish. At the end of the tour the fish is ’set free’ in the virtual aquarium in the foyer.

  • Creative Directors Uwe R. Brückner
  • Art Directors Britta Nagel, Cord-Hinrich Grote
  • Designers Whan Lee (Exhibition Graphics)
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Media Planning YOKE
  • Light Planning Jesper Kongshaug
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