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Dino & Me

by Ksenya Ippolitova

Children often pick and choose when it comes for eating. As well, they are inherently restless and anxious about everything but tedious feeding process that distracts them from exploring the world and playing around. How could I motivate my child to eat healthy food and make this time pleasant for both of us?
The main idea of packaging design is based on character — Dino. Dino leads a healthy lifestyle and has a true passion for fruits and vegetables. The product mix consists of five flavors: apple, banana, cherry, pumpkin and cauliflower. Color of Dino on the packing replicates product’s color in order to facilitate customer when looking through the shelves for a particular taste (e.g. yellow for banana puree and green for the apple one)
The core of identity is reflecting the product itself – childhood, fun, easiness and nature.
I researched all types of baby nutrition packs and came to the conclusion that doypacks were the most practical and friendly-to-use. Handy size let you feed your child on the go. If your child hasn’t finished his meal you could preserve it for the next time thanks to the convenient cap. I created an original form of the doypack which repeats the shape of dinosaur.
This form will excite the most fussy baby and help parents to introduce fresh tastes like broccoli and other healthy foodys into the child’s diet. When Dino comes into play every meal-time turns into an adventure-time!
Logo is based on the handwritten lettering as this style reflects children’s playfulness. All typography is elaborated in the harmony with «joie de vivre» conception.
The brand motto is flexible and varies depending on the communication basis – «Strong like Dino», «Brave like Dino», «Healthy like Dino» etc.

  • Creative Directors Leonid Slavin
  • Art Directors Ippolitova Ksenya
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Ippolitova Ksenya
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