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Diversion Impact Report 2019

by Multitude

Diversion is an agency for social innovation. They develop concrete solutions for complex social issues. With their programs, they help organizations in the public and private sector respond to ongoing changes in society and thus increase their social impact.

Diversion invests in social leadership with their network of peer educators. With them they collect knowledge in the classroom, in the schoolyard and in living rooms: places where not everyone can see inside. In this way, Diversion exposes important trends and identifies new issues at an early stage and puts them on the agenda.

The merits of Diversion are bundled in an Impact Report which was published in 2020. In this report, we have depicted the social issues that Diversion addresses in a graphic and engaging way. This adds an extra layer to the urgent character of these social issues, such as ‘Citizenship and Polarization’ and ‘The Labor Market’.

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