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Internal Production > 16.3 Self-Initiated Projects

Dollars and Roses

by Gruppa Krovi

The ?Dollars and Roses? project was based on our critical attitude towards Russian national design of Currency Exchange and Flower kiosks signs.
There are thousands of such ugly and vulgar signs in Moscow.
That is the design that forms graphic face of Moscow-city.
Our objective was to attract social attention to this ugly phenomenon.
We decided to initiate and work out an alternative graphic history.
It was crutial for us to tell by means of design about social importance of Currency Exchange and Flower kiosks in today?s Russia.
It was also important to demonstrate the dramatic effect of bad design on a human being and how good design could change our city face.
50 posters have been printed.
2 exhibitions have been organized: one in Moscow, another in Novosibirsk.
Also the sign and the poster for this project have been developed by Gruppa ?Krovi?.

  • Creative Directors Dima Kavko, Protey Temen
  • Art Directors Dima Kavko, Protey Temen
  • Designers Dima Kavko, Protey Temen
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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