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by Semiotik Design Agency

Domissima is a company that specialises in the production of high-tech chemical building materials, waterproofing products and construction protection products, offering exclusive technical solutions, while building their own long experience in large construction works.
Our aim in the packaging design process, was the pairing of a Greek experienced company aiming to expand to the international market, with the fact that in their field we don’t usually see any creative or aesthetic elements. The result should impress but also communicate fully to an uneducated but also curious audience.
All the above resulted in an information architecture system able to work for several products that would be packaged in several containers according to their use. The most crucial step, was separating the products into categories, which are differentiated through colour. At the same time, each product becomes unique with the use of its own icon. These icons are based on transformations of the company logo that holds the slogan “Built by Experts”, while each time the logo’s horizontal lines change in number or form so as to depict the first letter of the specific product name, or its main abilities. This way we keep the connection with the company logo by using its 3 lines, each one of which stands for a different layer of product use and also the layers that focus on floor, wall and ceiling protection. The industrial aesthetic of the original product is something that is kept as a main characteristic, while becoming clean and easy to read.

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