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Dr. Julia Czerny

by Lisa + Giorgio

Neurologist Dr. Julia Czerny opened her new practice in Vienna. The young specialist asked us for a corporate design which had to be friendly on the one hand, but also serious on the other.

The created design works without any symbols and avoids all clichés the field of neurology is associated with. It is based on six different coloured lines, which represent the six steps of the diagnostic process, but also might be associated with nerve tracts. Although the lines are arranged parallel, but interloop in different ways every now and then. This visualizes the course of disease as a handicap in people’s everyday life.

The variation of straight and twisted lines gives the corporate design a playful impression. Discreet pastel colours point out the friendly and uncomplicated character of Dr. Czerny and reduce the serious context of her field.

  • Creative Directors Lisa Leone
  • Art Directors Michael Fetz
  • Designers Sabrina Lang
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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