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Eames Plastic Chair

by Heyday Konzeption und Gestaltung GmbH

Background and History: The Eames Plastic Chair (short: EPC) is for over 60 years reknown as an icon and has set new standards in production, manufacture and multi-functionality. The world-wide popularity results also from it’s modular and flexible composing possibilities, which consider personal preferences and habits. In the Homefurniture-area, the Eames Plastic Chair is one of the most used and photographed chairs in several countries.
Project Objectives: Vitra required for a new marketing-instrument, which fits both the product-side and also the image and history of the chair and their Designers. The new tool should give a good and quick overview on the hole range of possibilities, but also attracts by it’s look.
Target Audience: Interior designers, Architects and also large clients in the private and public sector
Our work/ Concept: We developed a product-brochure concept which combines the long history with the modularity and flexibility in usage, together with the timeless style of the chair. Our aim was to create a layout, that refers to the sketch-process’ of Charles and Ray Eames, as it has the size of a pocket-sketchbook. The compact format is easy to distribute, shows craftmanship in the details of manufacture and offers an overview on the most important informations and details about the chair. It combines a multitude of different photographs (taken over a period of more than 20 years) with the color- and shape language of Charles and Ray Eames.  

  • Creative Directors Heyday Konzeption und Gestaltung GmbH
  • Art Directors Heyday Konzeption und Gestaltung GmbH
  • Designers Heyday Konzeption und Gestaltung GmbH
  • Illustrators Eames Office LLT
  • Photographers Nacho Alegre, Edward Beierle, Florian Böhm, Dejan Jovanovic, Eduardo Perez, Isabel Truniger
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • PRINTER Druckerei Vogl, Zorneding, Germany
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